What is honorCode?

honorCode is a non-profit social enterprise who provides curriculum and training to schools to bring more web-development into the general K12 classroom. We thought, "How could we best provide the skill of coding to the next generation?" and the answer was obvious to our team of educators: we weave coding into public education. By leveraging existing organizational infrastructure, honorCode can provide more coding to more students than traditional coding education organizations. By the end of our first year of operation, we will have affected more than 1400 Atlanta students and armed 40 teachers with the power to infuse coding into their classrooms. 


Why coding?

In GA alone, there are over 20,000 open computer programming positions with an average annual salary of about $85K, and Atlanta is ranked as the 6th-fastest-growing start-up city in the country. However, even with a 46.7% increase in the city's total tech industry employment in the past five years, less than 6% of Atlanta's public schools offer coding classes. This is a huge opportunity to train our future workforce, and at honorCode we think we've cracked the code on how to do this quickly and effectively.


How does honorCode help schools teach coding?

We offer training and professional development for teachers to learn how we integrate coding into our general content classrooms. We provide our K-12 project-based coding curriculum to our teacher and school partners. But wait! Our coding curriculum is aligned to Georgia Common Core State Standards, so teachers can use our curriculum to teach coding in their classroom right now and still cover all the required general content.  Finally, we provide direct instruction to students in the general classroom and through after school programming. We are currently partnered with Charles R. Drew Charter School, refining our services to help Atlanta and beyond.


How do I get honorCode programming at my school?

Visit our Contact Us page for more information!